Why TalktomeDoc?

It's affordable

Quality healthcare is now affordable with TalktomeDoc. For as low as 600 naira, you can talk to a qualified doctor immediately

It's fast & secure

Confidentially and Securely (256bits SSL encrypted communication) talk to a doctor in less than 5 mins.

Verified healthcare providers

Verified and Screened doctors, approved and verified hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostics.

How it works

1. Create account

Signing up is easy and it takes less than a minute on your phone, tablet or computer. To sign up as a Patient, Click the Button Below.

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2. Find doctor

After filling your account profile, you can start finding the right doctor to talk to about the symptoms you are having from our pool of certified professionals.

3. Start talking

Following the creation of your talktomedoc account and finding the right doctor to talk to. Choose one of numerous channels available to start talking to your doctor

See what users are saying about us

This is a great service, at the comfort of my home i could talk to a doctor without having to be in the hospital.

- Funmi Badejo

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Who We Serve

TalktomeDoc is for members


  • -Immediate consultation- no waiting.
  • -Affordable healthcare for everyone.
  • -Access to doctors and specialists. ​
  • -Prescription sent to your pharmacy.
TalktomeDoc is for providers


  • -Increase profit with patient referral
  • -Low cost platform for hospitals
  • -Easy follow up with patients
  • -De-congest your facility waiting rooms
TalktomeDoc is for doctors


  • -Extra income consulting with Members
  • -Work at your convenience anytime
  • -Work from anywhere of your choice
  • -Stressfree virtual practice
TalktomeDoc is for companies


  • -Improved productivity, more profit
  • -Reduce absenteeism and time off
  • -Shorten hospital visit to +/- 15 mins
  • -Less spending on health benefit
TalktomeDoc is for government


  • -Lower Healthcare cost to citizens
  • -Reduction of medical tourism
  • -Reduced pressure on FX
  • -Medical access to rural communities
TalktomeDoc is for HMOs


  • -Lower capitation cost,increased profit
  • -Cheaper care for chronic patient
  • -Telemedicine offering to your clients
  • -Transparent management of claims
TalktomeDoc as mobile app

Smarter health on the go

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Our clients

Telemedicine in Nigeria with TalktomeDoc - Talk to A Doctor Online

Telemedicine is one of the fastest rising industries in Nigeria. With the ease it provides for the medical field, it is no surprise that everyone is jumping on the train. Imagine being able to have doctors and medical practitioners quite literally at your fingertips. More often than not, the terms ‘telemedicine’ and ‘telehealth’ are used interchangeably, it is important to note that there is a distinct difference between them.

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication devices to provide medical diagnosis and treatment remotely to patients and sick people. Basically, you can talk to a doctor online. Telehealth services is a broader scope that does not just end at providing medical advice, but also include sensitizations, public health events, administrative services and so much more.

At TalktomeDoc, we do not just provide you with telemedicine services, but we go further to provide you the best health care packages ranging from health insurance, laboratory services, medical consultation, diagnosis and more. Our doctors are carefully selected among highly qualified medical experts and are available via phone call, video call, email and live chat.

Get Quality Telehealth Services Online in Nigeria

TalktomeDoc is an easy platform to use, with different health packages that fit your pocket perfectly. We have an easy to use, on the go app where you can access hospitals and doctors from hospitals in your area. Whether you need a Gynecologist, Surgeon, Optician or General Practitioner, you will easily find the best on TalktomeDoc and ask doctors medical questions online.

No need to queue up at hospitals, especially for minor cases like headache, malaria or body pain. All you need to do is sign up, and have access to doctors online 24/7! The TalktomeDoc app is easy to use, safe and you can be sure that any personal information you share with us will be kept safe and private.

Get the TalktomeDoc Mobile App

Telemedicine is all about easy access to medical diagnosis and care and with the TalktomeDoc app, you can be sure that you would be getting all that. Our app makes it easy to lay your complains to your doctor in no time. We have medical packages that help you save money, while giving you access to everything you need. Download the TalktomeDoc app on your android phone now, ask a medical questions and enjoy affordable health care from as little as N600. It is great health at your finger tips.