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A healthy and nutritious breakfast can make a good morning even better. Some of the assumed healthy and nutritious foodstuff can do your health more harm than good. Thus, one needs to get their facts right before zeroing upon a particular breakfast.

1.French toast - a perfect toast to unhealthy life:

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Ideally, a healthy breakfast should give you energy and keep you fit and active throughout the day. French toast is anything, but healthy and nutritious. It has negligible nutritional value. 

 This palatable breakfast can give your waistline nightmares, not to forget the associated health complications.

2.Cake and pastry - the sweet devil:

Cakes and pastries for breakfast are sure to throw your health in jeopardy. Pastries and cakes are both simple carbohydrates. When taken in, these are immediately broken down to glucose.

This can lead to serious health problems, with diabetes and obesity being the most common complications. 

3.Donut for breakfast - a complete evil:

It is the best way to welcome the unwanted calories and fats into your body. Obesity and donuts are like two faces of the same coin.

4.The sugary juice - a road to obesity:

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Freshly prepared juices can still be accepted, but the packaged fruit juices are a big no. The packaged juices are loaded with sugar that can never do your health any good.

5.Bagels - a big no:

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When loaded with cream or cheese are no longer considered healthy. Flavoured yogurts are equally unhealthy and should be avoided. 

Your health is important. The sooner you realise this, the better it is. Reach us at to know more about the healthy breakfast options.CLICK HERE





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