Apr 5, 2017,

ARTHRITIS is a disease can causes pain and stiffness of the joints.

Do you feel consistent joint pains or stiffness?

Do you experience swelling or deformity?

Do you presently use a walking Aid?

Not able to move around due to pains is the kiss of death.


These could also be a cause:

-Harmful work habits.

-Stress,Viral and Bacterial.

-Nutritional deficiencies.

Arthritis could lead to the following:

- Bone death


-Bleeding inside the joint.

-Infection in the joint.

-Joint stiffness


Did you know?

Age is the main cause of increasing the chance for arthritis.

Peak age is 30-50years.

About 1% of the population is affected with 2.5x higher risk in women.

May be genetic as it tends to run in families.



Say no to pains,swelling,deformity and stiffness of joints.

So take care of your arthritis today.CLICKHERE.

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