About TalktomeDoc



TalktomeDoc is Nigeria’s premier telehealth platform. Our drive is to ensure healthcare is cost effective, affordable, easy to reach and convenient to use while ensuring that healthcare spending by health facilities is reduced while maximizing profit. We believe healthcare should not be beyond the reach of anyone regardless of class, race or gender. Our platform makes it possible for several medical service providers to converge and give comprehensive healthcare to everyone.



i. To incorporate telemedicine technologies and services into health sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

ii. To provide an easy and affordable path to quality Healthcare in conjunction with existing healthcare facilities  to improve life expectancy in Africa.

iii. To make consultation and diagnosis easily accessible to patients who are normally beyond the reach of Medical specialist’s due to location.



i. To provide telehealth services to patients in locations where doctors are not physically available.

ii. To simplify the process of diagnosis and treatment using technology.

iii. To connect healthcare providers using our solution for easy accessibility of health services to patients.



i. We aim at improving the healthcare system using a simple, easy, comprehensive and accessible telehealth solution.

ii. Operate a business model to benefit health professionals, service providers and at the same time ensuring that the patients get a great value for their money.

iii. To ensure adequate medical care reaches every part of the country.



Getting value for services is one of our core propositions. Apart from this we believe our client and members will enjoy the following;

• Convenience; - We will ensure this platform is very convenient to use. This will enable patients to easily access healthcare services from the comfort of their homes using our platform at any time they want.

• Accessibility; - our platform will be in operation 24 hours a day. This ensures that at any time a patient logs in, and doctors are online, he/she will be able to make consultations with doctor as we won’t have closing hours.

• Cost Reduction; - this is one of our main focus. We believe quality healthcare should not weigh heavy on your finances. You should be able to effectively manage your health at a reduced cost. That is one value we will ensure you get as a patient on TalktomeDoc.