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The incidence of CKD is on the rise, hence there is need for the public to be aware that it’s a preventable condition if proper precautions are taken, dialysis is expensive if it is to be done 3times weekly as recommended and renal transplant which is the definitive treatment, though less expensive on the long run, but difficult to find a suitable donor.

The common causes of CKD in our environment are:


It is been noted that people with uncontrolled hypertension for more than 10yrs may end up with kidney failure and this tends to also make the control difficult. Suspect a kidney insult if your physician is having problems controlling your BP despite on maximum doses of 4 or more antihypertensive


This are majorly caused by infections, when you notice blood in your urine, feet swelling or facial puffiness, do not delay to see the doctor,youmay just have an acute episode, a delay can lead to progression


For those who have poor glycemic control lasting for more than 10yrs are also likely to come down with kidney failure. Hence it’s important you are regular on your medications and go for checkup frequently to be sure it is under control


A lot of young people fall into this category, those who use herbal concoctions, color waters, indiscriminate antibiotics use, bleaching and toning creams/soaps, chronic use of pain relievers. This is one of the painful avoidable causes of CKD we see commonly in the young


Common in elderly with enlarged prostate, however it could occur in those with stricture

It could occur in those who are fond of holding urine for prolong periods


For those who have their genotype to be SS, they should visit their doctor regularly preferably a hematologist so as to avoid damage to their kidneys

Other less common causes are renal tumors, polycystic kidney disease, congenital renal hypoplasia etc.


Prevention is cheaper, take care of yourself and schedule regular checkups.oxford handbook of clinical medicine/renal medicine....p294


kumar and clarke/renal disease/chronic kidney disease/p625


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