Diabetic and Life stlye

Aug 17, 2016,

Talking today about lifestyle modification in the treatment of diabetic

Your life style modification is the first step in the effective treatment of diabetic

first you must learn to exercise daily, at least walk the distance of 2 street light poles daily

secondly is your diet,,u must get addicted to eating food rich in HIGH fibre (VEGETABLES)

Note, a diabetic patient can eat any food but in SMALL quantity (everything has to be done in moderation)

for example... you eat 3 wraps of pounded yam at a go,,once diabetic sets in,, u have to cut it down to 1 wrap,,and the same goes for every other meal

Make sure 2 out of your 3 meals in a day is eaten with lots of vegetables,,you can cook as much as 2 to 3 species of vegetable together with fish

Fruits is also good for you but note that fruit also has to be taken in moderation(little quantity). one type of fruit perday is okay.. and yes you can eat all fruits

However,, here are the foods and fruits you should avoid,, not that you cannot eat them but in very tiny quantities. 

Rice- this is because it has a very HIGH level of starch compared to all other meals,,if you must eat rice,,then make it an occasional meal(ONCE IN A WHILE)

Banana and Pineapple- The sugar content of these fruits are also very high.. if you must eat banana, just one perday and if you must eat pineapple, the size of a cube of sugar per day.

Egusi, Ogbono and crayfish should also be eaten Sparingly.


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