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                                       …….time to drop the pressure.




Hypertension is responsible for an estimated 45% of deaths due to heart disease and 51% of deaths due to stroke globally.

Of WHO’s six regions, ‘the African region has the highest prevalence of hypertension estimated at 46% of adults aged 25 and above, according to WHO’s Global status report on no communicable  diseases 2010’.

Moreover, the problems caused by hypertension are made worse when people are not aware of the necessity for, or are unable to afford regular blood pressure checks.



What exactly is Hypertension?

Hypertension is simply ‘High blood pressure’


Systolic BP

Diastolic BP




Pre hypertension



Stage 1



Stage 2





Why talk about the same old thing?


  • Hypertension is the most common condition in primary care (1 in 3 patients) however it is under diagnosed and under treated
  • Hypertension control reduces excess mortality and morbidity
  • Hypertension is easy to diagnose and treat if caught early
  • 30% of people with Hypertension ae still unaware of it
  • Hypertensive patients are 2.5times more likely to develop diabetes within 5yrs



Types of Hypertension:

It is divided in two types based on the cause:

Primary hypertension is more common however its causes are unknown.


Secondary hypertension is caused by underlying ongoing diseases e.g kidney damage, adrenal gland over-activity, thyroid gland dysfunction or pregnancy-related conditions.

 It is also an inheritable disease which can be inherited by children from parents having hypertension or family history of diabetes or obesity.



Risk factors for Hypertension:

  • Age: >55yrs for men; >65 for women
  • Family history
  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking
  • Gender: more common in females
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle: a lifestyle with no regular physical activity
  • Socioeconomic status



Clinical manifestations of Hypertension:

  1. No specific complains other than the elevated blood pressure that is why Hypertension is usually referred to aa the (Silent killer)
  2. Morning occipital headache
  3. Fatigue
  4. Dizziness
  5. In severe case, bleeding from the nose and blurred vision




Lifestyle modifications to manage Hypertension:

The treatment goal is to reduce the overall cardiovascular risk factors and control blood pressure by the least intrusive means possible.

  1. Weight reduction: maintain normal body weight (Body Mass Index of 18.5-24.9).
  2. Adopt good eating habits: consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and reduce saturated fat.
  3. Low salt diet: Reduce dietary salt intake by reducing the salt used in cooking as well as reducing the consumption of snacks with high salt content.
  4. Moderation of alcohol consumption: limit alcohol intake to no more than 2 drinks per day for men and no more than 1 drink per day for females. But the key is to avoid harmful habits like smoking and alcohol in general.
  5. Physical activity: due to the fast paced lifestyle of the average working individual, physical activity has become almost non-existent. Engage in regular aerobic activities such as brisk walking at least 30mins per day, most days of the week.
  6. Stress management: remember to rest and relax as often as you can.





Use of drugs to manage Hypertension:

For people with confirmed Type 1 or type 2 Hypertension, you and your primary physician will work out a drug regimen that will work for you as 2/3 patients will need at least two medications for Blood pressure control.


Goals of celebrating this Campaign every year:

  • To motivate the public for regular Blood pressure check
  • To encourage the people that already have it to take it seriously and attend their clinics regularly
  • To encourage the young people to maintain a normal weight, normal cholesterol level, healthy living and eating as well as regular physical exercise.
  • To encourage people to leave their bad habits




Hypertension is a manageable disease and not a death sentence if caught early.

Walk into a health centre today and get your Blood pressure checked. Just like the theme of this years’ World Hypertensive day……it is time to drop the pressure in our lives

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