Apr 5, 2017,


Infertility is inability to conceive children after 6-12months of marriage with regular, unprotected sexual intercourse?

Do you experience reduced sex drive?

Do you experience premature ejaculation?

Do have weak erections?

Are you unable to conceive a child after 6-12months of marriage with unprotected sexual intercourse?



-Do you have irregular sexual intercourse?

-Are you obesed?

-Do you have low body weight?

-Do you smoke?

-Do you drink alcohol?

-Do you have untreated sexual infections.


Infertility can result to Stress,Depression , Anxiety and suicidal attempt.



Infertility is a problem throughout history,however increasing rates noticed.

It's a significant medical and social problem affecting couple worldwide.

Average incidence of infertility is about is about 15% globally.

It's varies in different population.

Pregnancy and birth rate still decrease with women's age.


Don't give up! Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. Communicate with your doctor now- CLICK HERE

Evaluation of both partners is essential.

It is a sensitive issue that could be handled with great care with continuous professional counseling- CLICK HERE NOW

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