MENTAL HEALTH-Reasons why you should take it seriously.

Jun 23, 2017,

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Ashamed. Embarrassed. Afraid. All too often, these emotions stop people from sharing their mental health concerns with a doctor.

But living a full, productive life depends on more than just what you think of as “physical” health. Mental health matters just as much. Unfortunately, mental illness still comes with stigma in our society.

So why should you care about your mental health?

#1 Better Physical Health

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There is a strong connection between the mind and body. If you’re in physical pain, your work and family life may be affected or you may not be able to do the activities you enjoy, which can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. 

2.Stressing yourself out can make you physically sick

Being a student is a 24/7 stress show. There’s no better time to catch that flu going around campus or develop more serious consequences from over stressing. And even if you're not sick, it’s okay to cancel your plans so you can focus on you.

3.Improved Productivity and Financial Stability 

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As a result of dependence on disability income, leaves of absence from work, lost earning potential and the high costs of mental health treatment, individuals with untreated mental health disorders may face significant economic struggles. Some end up foreclosing on their homes, declaring bankruptcy or homeless or incarcerated after trying to manage a mental illness.

4. Early detection makes a difference

As with most medical conditions, early diagnosis usually leads to better outcomes. For one thing, getting the help you need soon can help you prevent the symptoms of mental illness from getting worse. For another, treatment can help you avoid the negative effects those symptoms have on your life — from strained relationships to difficulty managing work and finances.

5.Less Strain on the Family

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Mental affects families as well as individuals. The children of people with mental illness are at greater risk for abuse, neglect, and a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Since they can’t look to their parents for help, and they often isolate themselves from friends, many don’t receive needed social support. In many cases, the effects carry over into adulthood, driving children to seek mental health treatment of their own.

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