Premature Ejaculation - Treatment options

Jan 26, 2018,

Premature ejaculation – treatment options

Premature ejaculation is defined as ejaculation that almost always occurs within about 1-3mins (or less) of vaginal penetration, or an inability to delay ejaculation for every vaginal penetration and hence causes distress and frustration.  Premature ejaculation can be categorized as lifelong or acquired. The treatment option would usually depend on the type of premature ejaculation. In severe cases, premature ejaculation can cause marital distress and may contribute to separation or divorce in some cases. 

What causes premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is thought to be a psychological problem rather than a problem with any organ in the body. Some people are affected from their first sexual experience (lifelong), while others may have had a satisfactory sexual experience before developing premature ejaculation (acquired). A few cases of premature ejaculation have been associated with inability to sustain erection through the entire sexual activity (erectile dysfunction). Some of the psychological issues associated with premature ejaculation include:

Lifelong premature ejaculation

  • Traumatic sexual experiences in childhood including sexual assaults, incest etc.
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Feelings of guilt over non-marital context  of sexual relationship or other sexual activities like masturbation
  • Individual’s general attitude toward sex – including his perception, sexual preferences and fantasies, and arousal pattern.
  • Anxiety disorders

Acquired premature ejaculation

  • Performance pressure  or fear of failure to satisfy the partner especially with a partner that has difficulty achieving climax through vaginal intercourse
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Relationship conflict
  • A belittling attitude on the part of the partner
  • Use or withdrawal from a psychotropic drug
  • Presence of depression

What are the treatment options for premature ejaculation?

Your first consultation for premature ejaculation may be with a primary care physician or urologist. The doctor will ask you questions that bother around the time of ejaculation from the point of vaginal penetration, ability to delay ejaculation, effect of premature ejaculation on the relationship. In order to determine the cause, questions may also be asked on past sexual experiences, involvement of the partner in care seeking.

Depending on the doctor’s finding, there might be a need to bring in other specialists like sex therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists for a holistic care. Some prescribed treatment options include:

  1. Psychotherapy – to explore psychological issue
  2. Behavioral techniques like pelvic floor exercises, pause-squeeze technique or stop-start technique
  3. Medications – this may include creams and sprays to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and drugs that are known to cause delayed ejaculation as a side effect, or drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

If you have any health query regarding premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, you can log on to to speak with a doctor or call 0700 700 7000


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