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Jul 4, 2016,

Ever wondered why Healthcare faces so many challenges in Africa?

Have you ever waited on a long queue for hours at a medical facility just to have consultation with a doctor? Not to talk of hoping to see a doctor within your busy schedule.

Have you ever spent so much, only to realize that your ailment can easily be managed if it was detected earlier and you were properly advised on lifestyle choices?

The height of it all is when there are no doctors to ask questions and the closest health facility to you is so far you can't just make it without your symptoms getting worse.

These are some reasons TalktomeDoc could benefit you greatly.

TalktomeDoc is a Telehealth company driven by technology that provides an online platform which connects doctors to patients irrespective of their location at affordable rates and in a seamless manner. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a professional service, guaranteed accuracy, and the highest level of confidentiality. We believe wellness should be incorporated into every fabric of our healthcare system because a healthy people yield a healthy nation.

According to W.H.O’s statistics, the ratio for any country to have enough doctors for its population is 1:600 (one doctor of every 600 persons). We will need about 237, 000 medical doctors and we have about 35,000 working in the country today. It has been estimated that about 45% of doctors practice in urban areas where only 55% of the population lives. This creates an unbalanced doctor-to-population distribution which is one of the challenges of the health system that the Government is trying to address this every time with no head way. 

At TalktomeDoc, we know that these challenges can be reduced with the utilization of technology to make doctors accessible to patients anytime, anywhere without having to bother about location.

Our platform is flexible to accommodate service providers like Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic centres, Hospital and other health care facilities.

As a doctor on TalktomeDoc, your expertise will be required to talk with patient and help them relieve their health troubles to the best of your knowledge and ensure you carry out you duties with utmost professionalism. 

As a Patient on TalktomeDoc, you will be able to consult with Doctors via video call, Audio and text. When there is a need for referal, the doctor refers you to the nearest accredited health centre close to you saving you the hassles of trying to locate a health facility near to you. 

Drug prescriptions on TalktomeDoc is easy and seamless. Your prescription is sent to the nearest pharmacy store close to you and you could opt to pick it up or get it delivered to you at the comfort of your home or anywhere close to you.

We believe that access to health care should not be difficult. This we know will reduce the disease burden and improve the lifespan of an average African.

Sign up on as a patient and start your journey to better healthy life with access to doctors just a button press away. 

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