Tips for preventing childhood poisoning in the home

Jun 9, 2017,

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One very common reason why parents present at the emergency department is poisoning, most of which happens accidentally at home. Children between the age group of 1-4 years are the most at-risk age group. At the early stage of a child’s development, they learn to appreciate and interpret the environment by putting anything they encounter in their mouth. For them, it’s a completely normal developmental stage. The responsibility of ensuring safety for our children, therefore, falls on every parent. Check out a few tips below to prevent poisoning in the home:

  1. 1. Install safety locks on all cabinets to restrict access to children
  2. 2. Store potential poisons including detergents (harpic, bleach, liquid soaps), and chemical products (like pesticides) out of reach and out of sight of children - inside the house as well as in the garage. In addition, it's always best to lock them up. Never underestimate your child's ability to climb
  3. 3. Keep over-the-counter and prescription medications locked in safe fenestrated cabinets. Vitamins and supplements also should be out of reach of children. Be especially alert when they visit other family members. Older people with arthritis may get medication bottles that are not childproof.
  4. image 5.gif4. Store potential poisons in their original containers. Do not transfer them to food containers like soft-drink bottles, milk tins.


  1. 5. Contaminated food and expired food item should be properly discarded and the waste bin bag sealed tightly
  2. 6. Keep food and potential poisons separate; store them in different cabinets. Children can mistake the identity of products that look alike to them.
  3. 7. Return all products and medications to storage immediately after use. Keep the products and your children in sight during use
  4. 8. Safely discard, into a sealed, outdoor trash receptacle, all household products and medications that are old or aren't used regularly.
  5. 9. Keep items like unused Lithium batteries out of reach and properly discard used one.
  6. 10. Keep indoor plants out of reach; some may be poisonous.
  7. 11. Stay away from areas that have been sprayed recently with pesticides or fertilizer.

Look out for our next post on child-proofing your home.


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